In 2007-2008 All-Russia Research and Technology Institute of Rape studied possibilities of using EDAGUM®SМ at cultivation of summer rape (breed Ratnik) for oilseeds in Central Chernozem region.

Experiment included treatments with preplant seeds processing and foliar feeding in phases of leaf rosette and budding- early flowering.

The biggest increase of yield from using fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ (9-12% to control) was obtained at its triple application. Scientists established that yield increase was caused by a positive action of humic fertilizer on development of reproductive rape parts (pods and seeds): 2-3 additional pods per plant were formed; the weight of 1000 grains was 0.05 – 0.08 g higher then on control. At use of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ oil yield increased on 83-108 kg/hectares in comparison with cultivation without fertilizer