In 2007 farm Koryt’ko (Volgograd area) tested fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ in field trial for bulb onion in annual culture (breed Chalcedony).

Onion was treated with fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ (500 ml/hectares) in phase of 5th real leave (with no combination with other preparations), the second treatment was carried out 10 days after the 1st one together with fungicide Ridomil Gold (2.5 l/hectares); third treatment was 2 weeks after previous one together with fungicide Ridomil Gold (2.5 l/hectares).

It is established, that application of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ promoted increase of onion yield on 6.3 t/hectares (13% to control). Besides, a good compatibility of EDAGUM®SМ with fungicide Ridomil Gold was observed.

Tests demonstrated economic feasibility using of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ for onion cultivation in annual culture