Grain maize

In 2010 Ltd. "AGROSOYUZ - Kuban" tested the effect of fertilizer EDAGUM®SM in Krasnodar area  in farm "Zhuchenko", farm "Panin IA", farm “Kolos”, Rice-breeding factory "Krasnoarmeyskiy" in field trials with grain maize. Different maize varieties ("Kuban 320 SV", "Soyuz 400 MV", and "Furio") in area of more than 500 hectares were tested.

It was found that two-time foliar treatment with EDAGUM®SM enhanced the grain yield of maize by 4.2 - 5.9 dt/ha, or 12.4 - 13.6%.

JSC "KazAgroInnovation" and "Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry named after U.U. Uspanov” in 2012 conducted tests on the application of liquid humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SM on maize crops in the south and south-east of Kazakhstan.

In Enbekshi-Kazakh area in the farm "Oksana" field experiment was held to determine the effectiveness of EDAGUM®SM application on maize variety “ZPSK 539” on meadow-gray soils. The area under the experiment was 6 hectares. Experimental design:

1. Control - no spraying.

2. Treatment of vegetating maize plants with water solution of  EDAGUM®SM at rate 400 ml per 300 liters of water (consumption rate of working solution is 300 liters per hectare) at  3-4-leaf growing stage.     

 The area of control treatment is 5 hectares, and 1 ha for the experimental treatments.           


1. Yield on control treatment (N92P92 – no spraying) was 51.6 dt/ha.

2. Yield on control treatment + foliar spray on vegetating plants (400 ml EDAGUM®SM to 300 liters of water per 1 ha) was 57.2 dt/ha.

Thus, the results of field experiment on meadow-gray soils of Enbekshi-Kazakh area showed that the grain yield of maize (variety “ZPSK 539”) increased by 10.8%, with the average yield of the background N92P92 being  51.6 due to a single foliar treatment with EDAGUM®SM.