Fodder grasses

In 2008 Stavropol Scientific Research Institute of Animal Industries and Fodder Production conducted tests of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ for meadow grasses (natural pastures) and leguminous crops (alfalfa) in farm "Novomarevsky" of Stavropol Territory.

Plants were treated with EDAGUM®SМ (450 ml/hectares) in phases of level sprouting – regrowth, 5-6 real leaves and shooting.

Use of EDAGUM®SМ maintained the productivity of natural pastures and leguminous crops on 2.3 and 2.4 centners/hectare accordingly, mowing period reduced on 3-8 days.

Observations showed, that under the influence of EDAGUM®SМ leaf weight increased, amount of stalks decreased, which means that quality of green forage considerably improved. Application of humic fertilizers promoted increase of productivity of forage crops with optimal contents of protein, fat, and minerals (calcium, phosphorus)